Alice Hoang

Vice President (Internationalisation)

Alice Hoang, a global graduate of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia, specialises in creative design and professional branding knowledge.

She is the representation of today’s millennials that quest for excellence in the innovation of new business models through the application of great design processes and creative thinking abilities. Her infusion of the use of technological advancement in organisations created good systems in making organisations moved from good to great. Her passionate acumen in internationalising the talent skills of human capital within the organisations enables great development of skills needed to drive organisations to greatness.

At AIMSMET GLOBAL, she has successfully led the group to expand its presence in China & Europe including the United Kingdom especially in the fields of training & development, systems & people and globalisation & branding. Her relentless effort will see AIMSMET’s future contributions to human capital development in ASEAN, especially in Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia.

She immerses herself in the continuous pursuit of excellence in good thinking through instilling good working habits and etiquette in young people especially in AIMSMET Industry Sponsorship Programmes by globalising them with United Kingdom’s qualifications by immersing the young in AIMSMET Skilled Apprenticeship Centres.

Her personal belief in life – “A perfect melancholy in the new world” fits well with the challenges and opportunities of moulding the future generation of global movers and shakers.

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