Harris Manchester College (HMC), University of Oxford, UK

Another committed proponent of life-long learning, Harris Manchester College (HMC) is one of Oxford’s smallest constituent colleges of the University of Oxford, UK. It is well known as the hub for providing second chance opportunities at higher education for both undergraduates and post-graduates aged above 21 years. They come from different backgrounds and countries attracted by the chance to rethink their possibilities about what they wish to do next as they set out to their different life paths.

HMC has a rich background of heritage that dates back to 1757 when it was founded in Warrington and in 1893 it moved to Oxford. Then known as the Warrington Academy, the college was renamed Harris Manchester College after its generous benefactor, Lord Harris of Peckham. In 1996, HMC was granted a Royal Charter making it the 39th College of the University of Oxford. One of HMC’s famous tutors was Joseph Priestley, who went on to become the man who discovered oxygen.

Research is one of HMC’s strongest pillars and forms the basis of all that the college does as the dispenser of knowledge. The college is home to several reputable research centers, including the Commercial Law Centre and the WellBeing Research Centre. At the heart of it is HMC’s dedication to excellence designed to educate, nurture and equip the students so they may graduate to make a real difference in their own lives and impact society at large through their contributions. 

Located right in the center of scenic Oxford, HMC offers a wide range of course programmes including Economics, English, History, International Relations, Law, Management Studies, Political Science and many other modern studies. The college is also well known for its brand of executive education modules with the emphasis on content cooperation projects that enable learners from Malaysia and elsewhere to acquire dual awards, an advantage that will give them the extra edge in the job markets anywhere in the world. 

As a premier UK college of higher education, HMC is partnering with other institutes from all over the world to give young people of all ages the opportunity to arm themselves with the latest knowledge, skillsets and thinking processes to face the 4IR revolution that is already defining the industry and lifestyles of tomorrow. 

Harris Manchester College boasts a student body of approximately 200 students and, as a small teaching school compared to its iconic parent, the Oxford University of UK. The college focuses on quality where every student is accorded the close attention they deserve from their teachers throughout their stay at the campus. 

Jane Shaw, the Principal of HMC, is confident that “As technology rapidly shifts the employment landscape, we know that many will want to rethink their careers and retrain, and we are ready to support them in that educational quest.”

Aimsmet Global is one such partner university working closely in collaboration with Harris Manchester College to give young Malaysians a well-deserved opportunity to reinvent their future.

Warnborough College Canterbury, United Kingdom

Warnborough College Canterbury, United Kingdom belongs to the distinguished Warnborough family of higher institutions. Coming under the umbrella of the Warnborough Worldwide group – Warnborough College Oxford, Warnborough College Ireland and Warnborough University – the college provides top-tier educational opportunities and qualifications to students from all over the world.

Located in Canterbury, Kent, Warnborough College is an “ASIC Premier College” which allows its students to obtain short-term study visas in the UK. Anticipating an influx of students, the college expanded its scope of programmes and modernized its facilities to meet the demand for its quality holistic education. The college soon witnessed a rapid rise in the number of foreign learners – undergraduates, and postgraduates – from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Jordan, Malaysia, and Uruguay.

Extending its academic arm beyond the UK, Warnborough College Canterbury created a global network with more than 40 academic partners, including Aimsmet Malaysia, by offering recognized qualifications at all levels.  An academic partner with Warnborough Canterbury UK, Aimsmet is conscious of the reality of innovations that are sweeping countries, including Malaysia and the urgent need to retrain young graduates and professionals in crucial fields, notably communications. For example, the communications industry is breathing anew with a slew of innovative platforms such as cloud-native, SaaS, data solutions and multichannel devices and only those with a degree in Professional Communications can hope to make the cut.

As a leading UK learning centre, Warnborough is committed to Vocational Education and Training (VET), an important building block of society. Industrial skills acquired here are carefully designed to produce graduates with precise knowledge and technical expertise to keep the machines of industry ticking along, while building the graduates’ personal and career development to greater heights. With new technology replacing obsolete and traditional white-collared jobs, parents, educators and policy-makers are learning to shift the paradigm by learning to live in a futuristic world of IT, robotics, AI and super multi-media innovations.

Warnborough works with over 30 learning centres in various countries to provide vocational pathways in fields as diverse as fashion design, culinary arts, graphic and media design, music and art education, automotive technologies among other programmes. In Malaysia alone, there are nine learning centres capitalizing on the academic expertise of Warnborough College Canterbury, UK for the benefit of their students and life-long learners of all ages and groups.

The Aimsmet-Warnborough curriculum also includes vital life-long learning programmes that are exclusively tailored to provide specific outcome-based skills designed to meet the expectations of a futuristically AI-based scenario one that is reshaping the industry, commerce, economy and lifestyles; indeed, in all aspects of human endeavour. The agreement allows ambitious and diligent local students to earn dual degrees awarded by both Aimsmet and Warnborough College Canterbury, UK.

Aimsmet’s global partnership with international campuses is part of a bigger academic strategy aimed at building more resilient and relevant education systems that are centered on lifelong learning development with the ascent on real-world skills. Aimsmet brings education to the students through its global partners.

Collège de Paris, France

When one thinks of France, one tends to think about champagnes, music, foods and the whole lot. France is also one of the world’s top education hubs. To be able to become an academic partner of the Collège de France is an achievement of sorts. 

Formerly known as the Collège Royal or Collège impérial, the institution of higher learning is ironically located in the heart of Paris, the French capital, just across the street from the equally illustrious La Sorbonne campus. Founded in 1530 by François I, Collège de France’s motto is to teach “the knowledge that is being built up in all fields of literature, science and the arts.” Living up to its name, the research-based college while offering modern business programmes to learners from all over the world. Interestingly as of 2021, 21 Nobel Prize winners and 9 Fields Medalists have been affiliated with the Collège de France.

Today, Aimsmet Global is working closely with France’s most prestigious research establishment for the sake of educational excellence. In keeping with its international openness, Collège de Paris offers its flagship programs in English. Some of their courses include Bachelor in Business Administration, Master in Digital Management of Tourism and Hospitality, Masters in Information Technology and Masters in International Marketing among professional programmes. 

Collège de Paris has designed agreements and conventions with academic institutions in France and abroad, including Aimsmet Global, Malaysia. The partnership enables Aimsmet students to be awarded double degrees thus enhancing the value of their certificates.

By working with Collège de France, Aimsmet’s International Executive Masters in Business Administration (IEMBA) takes on added prestige and recognition in the business and commerce industry. This is a globally recognized industry-driven program that focuses on Leadership in Business, Best Practice Operation and Developing Executive People Skills. With the IEMBA, the graduate is amply certified to enhance his organization’s capability and capacity building and raise it to a whole new level. 

The IEMBA programme is mainly designed to allow learners to specialize in general management, project management, applied psychology and digital transformation. Successful candidates will graduate with an International Executive Programme in Business Administration (Level 7) awarded by Asia Metropolitan University. They can also opt to graduate with a dual award IEMBA from the Collège de France; allowing the holder to practice his craft anywhere in the world due to dual recognition.

The motto of the Collège is Docet OmniaLatin for “It teaches everything”; its goal is to “teach science in the making” and can be best summed up by the French philosopher, Maurice Merleau-Ponty“Not acquired truths, but the idea of freely-executed research” which is inscribed in golden letters above the main hall.


It is true about education that there are no borders or frontiers in the search for academic excellence. When global universities and centres of learning collaborate for the benefit of their learners, nothing is impossible. The graduates are the winners; they become leaders in the industry, or whatever their chosen calling may be. With globally recognized dual degrees in their hands, they possess the power to change their lives and the world!

It is in this spirit of bringing education to its learners that Aimsmet has chosen to work with one of Switzerland’s most outstanding private business schools, the UBIS University of Business of International Studies. Established in 2006, the campus provides professionally accredited business education in Geneva and at our Global Online Campus. UBIS offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees conducted in English.

Located in picturesque Geneva, the university is dedicated to providing high-quality education, with an emphasis on addressing the intersection of business, international relations, information technology, and the cross-cultural issues that stem from globalization.

With a network of international partners of which Aimsmet is one of the Malaysian players, UBIS provides its students and faculty with a unique international experience.  A learning institution that cares for the individual student in an international and multi-cultural environment, it provides the highest quality education through an experienced and committed practitioner-faculty, and by using up-to-date learning technologies.

Everything here is designed to help you, the student, learn about the future!! The outcome generated is a new generation of leaders with the means to replace obsolete knowledge and methodology with 21st-century applications. The world is changing faster than ever before, more and more incredible technologies are reshaping our lives and the possibilities seem endless. We have no choice but to adopt and adapt to the new forces of change.

With an Aimsmet- UBIS dual certificate, you have the opportunity to put your skills, knowledge and mindsets to contribute to the expansion and growth of your organization that you will join upon graduation. As millennials, you are the next generation of innovators and inventors and only skills-driven education can put you on the right track ahead.

The UBIS programmes are Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), or you may choose our International Executive Masters in Business Administration (IEMBA) and earn a dual degree in collaboration with UBIS that will jump-start your professional career in business management. You can do it on our campus or online to sync with your career schedules. Learn to harness and deploy the skills and knowledge acquired to tackle tomorrow’s business challenges today.

The Aimsmet global partnership helps countries build stronger education systems to reach many that need lifelong learning development, improve teaching and learning, and build resilience to withstand shocks and adapt to the life-changing challenges of the present century. With our global partners, we focus on executive education development especially in content cooperation projects, delivery methodologies and cross border student experience.

Honoured to provide training to these great organisations and more…