Being a forerunner lifelong learning, AIMSMET has been a firm believer of continuous capability and competency upgrading. AIMSMET has been involved in many corporate talent development initiatives by providing industry-relevant development programs aligned to clients’ needs and expectations.

AIMSMET has been providing customized talent development program best suited for the individual client. Although companies operating within the same industry, facing the same challenges, the concerns are never the same! Each company has its own DNA footprint and the concerns faced will vary in terms of the context.

AIMSMET have developed our own program design methodology in providing solutions to best-fit clients’ requirements for their talent development program. To date, AIMSMET has provided solutions across all levels of the organization, namely; Executives, Managers and Senior Managers including C-2 level. Our partnership with Oxford University, United Kingdom has provided access to the global business outlook for Senior Management and C-Suites.