As one of the entrepreneur leader in the society, I find myself barely recognise the world that we are in now as COVID-19 appear in these unchartered territories and is it seems no end as yet. 


As we are tackling to go back to work, I have to figure out how to carve the way forward. Through my 42 years of experience in the business world, I have never done this before.

But that also means we are ripe for a truly transformational opportunity. I like to share these 3 tips on how we can overcome the resilience of 2020 and move forward to the Greatest 2021


Processing the Grief with EMPATHY


We may have lost the freedom, job, or way of doing works, and some may worse of with the loss of loved ones. With so much of this loss going around, I developed higher listening skills and the ability to show empathy. Even in this COVID-19 era, I feel that I still can gather the company team support, my client's support, and my friend's support more effectively with authenticity at its best. With less paradox of choice, we can focus our resources now on our environment more effectively.

PEOPLE SKILLS are now a 'must-have' not a 'good to have.'


With the limitation of networking going around now, I realised that it's important for us to up our PEOPLE SKILLS as more people opt for quality than quantity. With more uncertainty and ambiguity, more people need to know how to communicate and collaborate effectively. 
Especially with the ZOOM era, where miscommunication happens all the time, effective People Skills help analyse human behaviour better and guarantee a successful relationship.


Fully leverage this time with INNOVATION.


We've never done it this way. We tried that before, and it didn't work. These phrases don't appear in my dictionary as I believe innovation is the key to my success. Every business, every industry, and every corner of the world has had some level of paradigm shift from their previous norm. As I pick up being the In-coming President of Branding Association's role, I am happy to be leading the members to leverage technology to introduce #TrustedNetworkingApp which is part of my new ventures to connect all the members with the ease of technology that provides profile verification, profile matching, and profile connector functions. With the #TrustedNetworkingApp, we can still connect at ease at our convenience with trust.


So will we be the greatest generation in 2021? And the answer is yes if you are willing to go through resilience.


As the saying goes,




Datin Winnie Loo
Adjunct Fellow, AIMSMET