Even in bleakest moments, opportunity comes knocking on our doors. Yes, the virus may linger on for a while but why wait for it to go away?  Here’s an opportunity for us to reinvent our future and be masters of our own destiny.  
COVID-19 has forced upon us changes to our daily lifestyle. Hand-shaking is forbidden, socializing is barred and our movement restricted. But not all is lost. Thanks to the marvels of social media, our homes are now virtual offices. Like it or not, innovation is here to stay. 


For some, it’s a chance to upscale your career. You may be a young school leaver, a fresh graduate or a professional looking to enhance your diploma, degree or PhD Lifelong Learning offers you an innovative way to acquire the business and technical skills from corporate leaders, industry captains, and successful individuals. It’s never too late to be tomorrow’s entrepreneur.

China and South Korea are ahead in the fight against COVID-19. They have developed special smartphone apps, upscaled mass screening procedures and are developing vaccines to eradicate the disease. And China took innovation a step further by building a hospital within a week to house COVID-19 patients. An innovative feat is no less. The world must take the cue from China and work together to ‘flatten the curve.’ Indeed, innovation may well be the ultimate ‘vaccine’ to solve humanity’s ills.

So, what’s next in a Post COVID-19 era? 

In such a scenario, innovation will be the game-changer, innovating all areas of human endeavour. Perhaps, more so in the field of education. We must replace ancient learning methods with modern teaching methodologies. We must incorporate learning with virtual industry experience. We must produce learners with the right tertiary education and industry skills.  



Shared by Dato’ Dr Jayles Yeoh
Founder of AIMSMET