Indeed almost the whole world is “lockdown” to allow Mother Nature to heal as many says. What we have been taught since young to be kind to Mother Nature, is proven to be very real today. What we have been taught to work really hard for the betterment of mankind, is proven as we grieve daily over sad news of having to lose our loved ones. What we have been taught to continue learning to protect our nature, is proven true as we fail to do so.

Has “physical wealth” the likes of Trillionaires, Billionaires, Millionaires that command so much importance to our existence blinded us from all the teachings we began with from our parents? Yes, it did! Until COVID-19 confines us all physically in our homes, we were still flirting to chase after wealth. For once, there is no need to boast of one’s wealth - no mansions to the party of one’s wealth, no first-class cabins or private jets to fly, no excessive dinners to dine and wine, no highways to speed to death one’s luxury fleets of cars, no concerts to parade one’s diamonds and gems - these to me are “abnormal”, no matter how the likes of the rich & famous had been justifying such non-sensical existence as a class above all.

We are now reduced to “zero”, all level to the same playing field, no matter where we live from New York to Sri Petaling. Suddenly we can hear the birds singing, the insects chirping and the snails crawling in our garden and our own heart beating. We are after all one of God’s creation. Our decades of human existence believing in creating wealth for the betterment of mankind is our own making. We have designed our own destiny of a new normal.

I believe we have to go back to basics to start reading, learning and writing what this New Normal is about. It is beyond the COVID-19. It is beyond webinar, zoom, Microsoft’s Team, etc. It is about re-learning, re-thinking, re-writing, reconnecting the dots of humanity. If we do not start now to pick up our books from our closets or click on our indispensable technical devices for new knowledge, WE ARE DOOM. 


Let’s start from now to embrace and assimilate New Knowledge not idolize the New Normal.



Shared by Dato’ Dr. Jayles Yeoh
Founder of AIMSMET