Time is priceless. Time to recharge. Time to move forward. Time to be courageous. Time to fight the Covid-19.” Let’s keep practising what we have practised during the MCO period - if we care for our colleagues and clients the way we have been caring for our family during this period of MCO, let’s extend the same care in our office with all the necessary precautions of hygiene and social distances and the new normal of meetings for feedback and operational instructions - there is no reason we will not break the chain of the viruses. We can’t be living back in the caves like the Stone Age, can we! As entrepreneurs, we have the economic & social responsibilities to feed the many and to grow our nation steadily but surely, albeit putting health FIRST. 

Clean well, Work well, Sleep well, Eat well, Exercise well and Live well -the 6 Wells! Adopt this “6 Wells” daily and consistently. We have been living with millions of bacteria and viruses since the day we were born. We haven’t been living in bacteria and virus free protective bubble all our lives, have we! In a nutshell, we live with myriads of germs in us, and we have built our own immunity towards all kinds of diseases that would have killed us. One well known Korean Professor and Cancer Surgeon, I once knew while I was lecturing in South Korea, wrote a book, “Love your cancer”; after having operated more than 2000 over cancer patients in his professional practice, only 20% survived, came to the conclusion that if we are infected with this “alien killers”, they are already part of our existence. While sciences will work hard steadily and surely to find the counterpart of the alien to be introduced into our body to be part of us - the so-called “vaccine”. For now, we ourselves at the moment are the VACCINE! The 6 Wells of Life is the only VACCINE for now! To all my friends, colleagues, and business partners, let’s share this VACCINE in us to everyone! Live on for yourselves and others will live on too. This is definitely not the end of Mankind yet! 



Shared by Dato’ Dr Jayles Yeoh
Founder of AIMSMET