There you are looking rather smart in your gown and a tassel perched precariously on your head. You can’t wait for the graduation pomp and pageantry to begin. Why your mind is already overheating with fantastic ideas to take on the corporate world. Yes, it’s a good feeling, no more books, lectures, projects and half-witted professors glaring at you through smudged horn-rimmed glasses.  Wait a minute, young friend, your learning is not quite over yet. The greatest adventure of your life is just starting. Welcome to the world of Lifelong Learning, a learning experience, one that will change your life forever. 

Each program is specially designed to provide alternative opportunities for the learner - school leavers, diploma and degree holders, and PhDs - that adds a new dimension to your career aspirations. Experienced and highly skilled industry experts ‘work’ you through different levels of operation, supervisory capacities, project management roles, and strategic planning. 


As you journey through the learning curve, your future takes shape right before your eyes. You are a creative technocrat, the next-in-line corporate leader or an innovative entrepreneur. On a personal level, you are transformed. Your pursuit of knowledge and industry skills has fashioned you into a self- motivated individual. You know for sure, your chances of employability are sky-high. 


You will be ready to take on the world by storm especially to deal with the so-called New Normal. Learn and equip yourselves with prestigious professional qualifications that are offered by many such as CIPD, UK; ICM, UK; ATHE, UK; ASIQUAL UK and many more. 

So you have reached your destination? But the journey isn’t over yet! Few words of wisdom from the man who made our journeys possible. 


“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford.

Stay Safe. Keep Learning!



Shared by Dato’ Dr Jayles Yeoh
Founder of AIMSMET